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164 Disk usage



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Tell what do you know about hard disk usage? What structure and what volume of files and folders kept on your disk? When was the last time you checked the status of your hard disk? Many of you will certainly respond OCo OCtfor a long timeOCL. Meanwhile, disk space usage analysis is the integral part of the general preventive maintenance of the computer usage especially in the conditions of fast growth of volumes of the information and the necessity of disk space optimization. For certain the problem of where to find additional gigabytes can be solved without acceptance of such radical decision as the purchase of a new hard disk. It is enough to find out current structure of hard disk usage, what folders and files are used irrationally and what is possible to remove. However, to solve the problem of disk space usage analysis manually is not simple. For this purpose you will be helped by a special software which in few seconds will give you the information on the current status of the hard disk and its separate directories. One of the best programs created for the hard disk usage analysis is Directory Size. The program allows to analyze any directory on your PC including the maintenance of archives and network drives, to submit data on the distribution of directories and hard disk usage including quantity of folders and the files included in the directory, their size, a share at the volume of the directory, and many other things. As a powerful analyzer Directory Size is capable to carry out many functions necessary for granting of the concrete information under concrete needs to the user - data filter, sorting, visualization in the form of pies and bars and many other things. The results of the disk space usage analysis can be saved in a special file (of such formats as HTML and TXT) to which then you can address for a concrete information.

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